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Electrical contractors are highly skilled professionals that often work in dangerous conditions. It takes a long time to build up the knowledge and skills necessary to become an electrician.

As a society, we depend on electricity for every aspect of our lives. Whether you want to heat or cool your home or use your computer, you need electricity. For this reason, there will always be a steady demand for talented electricians.

There are many myths about electricians that aren’t true, though, as with any profession. We’re here to clear things up for you so that you don’t wind up believing something that isn’t true. Here are the most common misconceptions about electrical contractors.

Misconception: General Contractors Can Substitute for Electricians

A huge misconception is that general contractors can double as electricians. But electrical work takes a ton of hands-on experience and training to understand. It’s not something that a general contractor can pick up in a few days and start doing.

People who aren’t in the know often assume that general contractors can do anything. They fail to realize that a general contractor is more of a director of projects. In other words, they know electricians, plumbers, and other skilled laborers they can enlist for a job.

Misconception: You Should Hire an Unlicensed Electrician To Save

You may think that electrical work is simple and that you can save money by going with an unlicensed electrician. That’s simply not true.

The last thing you want is to entrust your home to someone who doesn’t have insurance. If they end up doing irreversible damage, you’ll be responsible for it. Not only that, but unlicensed electricians often lack skill. Therefore, you should always strive to hire a licensed and insured professional for any electric repair service.

Misconception: It Doesn’t Take Any Education To Become an Electrician

A huge misconception is that it doesn’t take any education or training to work as an electrician. While they don’t need a four-year degree, they still need to go to a trade school or get on-the-job training from a senior electrician. Even after this, they still have to do an apprenticeship before they can earn their license.

There are also lots of certifications that an electrician can go for to start working on more specialized jobs. So you can trust electricians to perform their work well with all their expertise and experience.

Becoming an electrician is a long road that takes lots of education, training, and years of experience. It’s best always to research to find the most reputable, hardworking electrical contractors in your area. By now, you should have a more realistic view of electrical contractors instead of believing common misconceptions about electrical contractors.