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It can be frustrating to find which EV Tax Rebates and Incentives your new electric vehicle is eligible for.  If you have recently purchased a new electric vehicle, check out what Federal rebate or tax credit your car can receive at  Many of these guidelines changed in the Inflation Reduction Act, and the $7,500 tax credit we used to trumpet now comes with eligibility stipulations.  Most vehicles will not receive that full amount. In an effort to secure the supply chain, especially for batteries, the incentive offered to new electric vehicle buyers requires certain parts, materials or manufacturing steps to take place domestically.  Because car manufacturers and buyers have grown accustomed to the Federal rebate as effectively lowering the cost of new electric vehicles, complying with the new regulations has become important.  Car makers are in a race to develop infrastructure and manufacturing capability to vertically integrate production processes bringing more and more of the materials needed to make an electric vehicle and its battery on-shore.

After you’ve worked out what you are eligible to file for with the IRS, use form 8936

In the state of Maryland, as long as funding is available, you may also be eligible for a rebate on the installation of EV charging equipment MD EVSE Rebate Program

Your utility company also likely has a plan offering annual bill credits or special reduced rates for off-peak charging. BGE  Pepco  Potomac-Edison  Delmarva

Plus, you don’t need emissions testing and you can drive in the HOV lane all by yourself.

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