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Adapting to EV Charging Service Changes

In the near future, as the number of EV drivers continues to increase, offering EV charging services in your parking garage will no longer be optional. However, establishing an EV charging service that fits in with your current business and operational models, and doesn’t require adding IT resources and staff, may prove challenging. How do you scale efficiently to meet growing demand for EV charging to maximize your return on investment while keeping costs down?

ChargePoint’s advanced features automate and streamline many of the manual tasks associated with managing EV charging operations, minimizing costs while providing you with an additional revenue stream. For example, you can easily download usage information and import it into other systems for invoicing. With ChargePoint, you can provide multiple payment options to customers to set yourself apart from competing garages—collect at the station via ChargePoint card or credit card, and charge more for reserved stations. Also, you’ll attract new customers as drivers browse your stations on the ChargePoint online map, consult their navigation systems and mobile apps for parking and charging availability.

The benefits of having a ChargePoint EV charging station in your parking garage or lot include:

  • Get up and running quickly, with no additional IT staff, and receive automatic remote upgrades.
  • Set up services and fees exactly as you want, and track success with ChargePoint’s detailed analytics and reporting features.
  • Increase parking space ROI with ChargePoint by attracting loyal drivers.
  • Let ChargePoint process payments, or integrate billing with your existing IT systems.
  • Decide whether to let stations be reserved, and charge differently for reservations.
  • If you operate valet services, sign up to be notified when charging is complete so you can maximize station utilization by moving cars when they are fully charged.
  • Be prepared for policies on taxing electricity dispensed as fuel.
Our professionals at Clinton Electric will work with you to select the perfect chargers for your parking garage or lot and ensure that your customers always have access to efficient charging stations. If you are interested in EV charging stations in Baltimore County and throughout the Mid-Atlantic area, contact us and schedule an appointment today.

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