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Propane vs Gas Generators

Fueling Options for Your Generator

One thing to consider when choosing a generator is what it will run on. At Clinton Electric, we want you to have access to the right fuel to run your generator for as long as necessary and, in some cases, have a place on site to store that fuel.

Many portable generators run on gasoline or diesel, which needs to be stored on-site and refilled manually as needed. Because power outages are often a result of serious weather conditions like tornado, blizzard or snow storms, travel to refill your gas tank is often unsafe or impossible. Storing large amounts of gasoline on your property can also be a hazard.

As your trusted Baltimore County electricians, we highly recommend two types of fueling options for your generator, namely:

  • Natural gas- If you have natural gas service to your property and would like to use it to fuel your new generator, there is a process to follow.
  • Propane (new or existing)- If you do not have natural gas service to your property or would prefer to use propane for your new generator, we can help.

Comparison of Natural Gas & Propane

Whole house generators can be run on natural gas from your household utility service or on propane stored in tanks on your property.

Below are some advantages and disadvantages of both propane and gas generators:

  • Propane has an advantage in energy density but usually, costs more than natural gas.
  • The cost of natural gas is about 40 percent of propane’s cost, which makes it the cheaper fuel for your generator.
  • In many areas, natural gas is not an option or the cost of upgrading service to accommodate demand limits its appeal.
  • Propane can be safely and easily stored on your property, making it the smarter choice for residents or businesses who do not have the option for a natural gas line.

Clinton Electric will work with you to find the best solution based on your specific circumstances. Our Lutherville-Timonium electricians can fully explain your options and provide you with a free detailed estimate to determine which fuel option is best not only for your specific needs but for your budget as well.

Contact our office at (410) 449-7292 to discuss the fueling options that you have for your residential or commercial generator today.

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