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Standby Vs. Portable Generators

If you’ve already decided to get a generator for your home or business, the next question would be on what type of generator you need. Every household or commercial space has a different set of needs and priorities, and this is how you decide on the right generator for you. At Clinton Electric, our Lutherville-Timonium electricians would be more than happy to provide all the information you need about standby and portable generators so you can determine which one is best for your specific needs. As a certified distributor of quality and trusted generator brands throughout Baltimore County and the surrounding areas, we are confident that we can find the right one for your home or commercial space.

Is a Portable Generator for You?

If you think that you can live through a power outage with only the most vital appliances running such as lights, chargers or TVs, then a portable generator is just right for you. As compared to standby generators, portable generators are less expensive, especially when it comes to the upfront cost of the unit. However, they present some limitations and inconveniences as well.

Some disadvantages of portable generators include:

  • Should always be maintained and tested for reliability
  • May need constant supply of gasoline
  • Storing gasoline in your home may prove to be an inconvenience as well as a fire hazard
  • Some units are known to cause carbon monoxide poisoning, a threat clearly stated on the government mandated warning label on every portable generator

Advantages of a Standby Generator

Standby generators are designed to run for extended periods of time, giving you permanent power protection. It works by constantly monitoring your power supply and automatically comes on when it senses that there is a power interruption. In the event that the power has been restored, it also automatically shuts off. Even when you’re not at home, standby generators have got you covered. Our electricians also recommend this type of generator to businesses for round the clock protection.

At Clinton Electric, we are proud carriers of Generac Home Standby Generators. These units produce a safe, stable power supply with less than a 5% harmonic distortion. Generac generators have all kinds of fail-safes built into them so they will shut themselves down before producing incorrect voltage.

To learn more about our home standby generators, contact our office at (410) 449-7292! We provide free, detailed quotes to all customers.

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