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Your electrical panel is crucial to the function of your house’s power system. Despite their vital role in powering buildings, these panels tend to get overlooked when they need repairs and replacements.

Since old electrical panels are often the cause of electrical fires, it is crucial to replace electrical panels proactively. To learn more about how to tell if you need a new electrical panel and what signs to look out for, continue reading below.

Your Appliances Don’t Run at Full Power

Do the lights flicker while you run your washing machine? Are some lights notoriously dimmer than others? If so, your electrical panel may be producing an insufficient current. Low currents are a tell-tale sign of a faulty electrical panel that’s in need of replacement. If you notice your appliances operating with weaker power, have your panel inspected immediately.

Your Breaker Box Is Over 20 Years Old

When breaker boxes exceed the age of 20, they start to show signs of wear and tear. That’s why it’s crucial to get an inspection if your box is over 20 years old. You should also heavily consider replacing it for safety purposes.

However, if an electrician determines that your breaker box is still in safe working condition, you can continue using these panels. A residential electrical panel upgrade will ensure your breaker box is tested and inspected by electricians who can give you expert advice.

Light Bulbs Burn Out Too Fast

When your electrical panel is operating smoothly, it maintains a constant current. This continuous current keeps appliances running with ample power.

That all changes when your electrical panel becomes faulty. When this happens, your panel will cause the current to fluctuate. As a result, your light bulbs will burn out twice as fast due to the elevated current levels. If your bulbs are burning out frequently, your electrical panels may need immediate inspection.

Constant Breaker Tripping

Does your breaker trip all the time? Does it happen whenever you use a particular appliance? This could be a sign that your electrical panel has an issue and needs a replacement. Remember, the goal of a breaker is to protect your appliances and maintain a steady current. When it starts tripping for no reason, it’s time to replace your electrical panels.

Other Causes of Concern

Here are a few other common warning signs that your electrical panel might need a replacement:

  • Melted wires
  • Rust on the panel box
  • Black spots or burned areas on your panel
  • Strange sounds coming from the panel
  • Overheating appliances
  • Power surges

Maintaining the condition of your electrical panels is vital to keeping your appliances performing correctly and preventing dangerous hazards. Review these tips on how to tell if you need a new electrical panel to ensure your power is operating smoothly. Here at Clinton Electrical, we offer quality services in home electrical panel upgrades and inspections to keep your power running and give you peace of mind.