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The circuit breaker is inside the electrical panel and controls everything on the circuit, from the television, appliances, and lamps. Can a circuit breaker go bad? These breakers can go bad and if detected early enough, the repair shouldn’t be costly. The following will show you how to notice warning signs of a bad circuit breaker.

Won’t Stay in Reset Mode

If the breaker doesn’t stay in “reset” mode, it may be short-circuiting. You should call an electrician to inspect and examine the inside of the unit closely, as well as the walls. You want to make sure no dangerous issues are arising.

Notice a Burning Smell

If you notice a burning smell that appears to be coming from the electrical box, something is faulty. You should immediately shut off the main power to the home and then call a professional straight away for emergency service. Not doing so has the potential to set your house on fire.

It Feels Hot

If the circuit breaker feels hot, turn off the power to your home and call a professional immediately for emergency service.


It might not be only the circuit breaker that’s heating up. It could potentially be a dimmer switch in the house.

Damage Is Visible To the Box or Outlets

Are you noticing burn marks by appliances, the circuit box, or outlets? Scorch marks mean a wire has melted and your house could soon catch on fire. Shut off the power right away and call that professional.

Frequent Breaker Trips

It could be a bad breaker, or an additional breaker is needed if the breaker turns off every time you turn on a switch in a specific location. It’s a good idea to call a professional at Clinton Electric in Timonium, MD, for a home electrical panel upgrade.

It’s Old

Engineers design breakers to work for many years, but that isn’t always the case. The circuit breaker in your home could, quite simply, be old. Call a professional to come out and diagnose the issue because the breaker may need to be upgraded and replaced. If you need to replace the circuit breaker, contact Clinton Electric today.

The circuit breaker must be working properly; otherwise, anything in your house that runs on electricity won’t function correctly. Be sure to know these warning signs of a bad circuit breaker to prevent fires and other damages to your home.