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DC EV charging station for the Organization of American States


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November 22, 2019

Clinton Electric Company installed a ChargePoint Express 250 (CPE250) 50kW (with 62.5kW capability) high-power DC EV charging station for the Organization of American States (known as the “UN for the Americas”). This was the first time a CP250 station was installed in the Washington DC area and first ever CPE250 station installed inside of a parking garage. These stations are normally installed outside in open air lots. It took some ingenuity and man-power to make this happen without our normal installation equipment. In a standard installation we use a forklift, shooting boom with forks, or our largest DPM Dur-a-lift bucket truck to maneuver large units like this into position. None of this equipment could operate inside the OAS parking garage due to a 5’8” height restriction. Crated, the station weighs just under 1000 lbs. The body of the CPE250 weighs 551 lbs. alone and fully assembled inside the garage weighs 748 lbs. We used furniture dollies, a pallet jack and 4 highly motivated technicians to maneuver the station inside of the parking garage and set it on 6 anchor bolts. We have been selling, installing, activating and repairing electric vehicle charging stations since 2012. Beyond this experience, Clinton Electric Company, led by project manager David Zamir and a team of skilled electricians and installers, is able to solve problems creatively to meet our clients’ expectations of quality work done in a timely manner.

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