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“Dusk to Dusk” Exterior Light Always On


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April 20, 2020

Two exterior pole lights, mounted on brick pillars with dusk-to-dawn photocells. Both lamps are not turning off. Reviewed job history and saw that Clinton Electric had installed a new feed to existing lights and used existing photo cells and customer supplied lights approximately two years ago. Performed diagnostic on post lights that were staying on all the time and determined lights are on their own circuit and the breaker was working correctly. Two junction boxes in the unfinished basement, a junction box outside near the gas meter and the junction box outside at the first post were wired correctly. Wires ran in a conduit underground between the two posts. Removed both lights and found constant 120 V. Tested and found that both photocells had failed in the “on” position likely from a recent power surge or outage. Disconnected lights and photocells at each post, bypassed photocells and hard wired lights. Reinstalled light fixtures. Re-wired junction box at first post, supplied and installed new photocell. Tested function of photocell and found it is working correctly. Eliminated bad photocells and changed set up so everything works off one easily accessible photo cell in junction box by first post.

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