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Propane tanks


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July 16, 2020

All generators use fuel to power an engine which generates electricity.  Portable generators often use gasoline.  But larger, standby home generators often need more fuel for a longer period of time. After a storm, power could be out for days.  We can tie your Generac or Kohler generator in to your existing gas line.  In many areas, homeowners do not have this option.  There is no service running to their property.  Clinton Electric will include the cost of purchasing and setting tanks to supply your generator. We will help you determine what size tanks you need.

Many generator installers will direct homeowners to a propane supplier to handle the tanks. Often these tanks are leased and tie your hands should you wish at some later date to change propane suppliers.  We will include the price of the tanks in your quote, as well as all the electrical and plumbing work required for a total price for the whole job.  We will even bury large tanks if you’d prefer.  Site surveys are always free, and we are always happy to help you understand your options.  Make an informed decision about supplying backup power to your home.

Propane tanks