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Power surges occur for many different reasons. They can happen when voltages within your home’s electrical wiring exceed their normal electrical flow.

Unfortunately, power surges are common and incredibly damaging for your home. Luckily, whole-house surge protection can help contain electrical surges and prevent brownouts. To learn more about the benefits of whole-house surge protection, continue reading.

Protects Your Devices

When a power surge happens, household appliances and electrical panels often receive the highest amount of damage. Large surges can completely ruin your home’s devices, and smaller surges can still harm your appliances over time.

Whole-house surge protection will prevent this expensive and frustrating damage by containing surges when they happen. You can rest easy that your most essential devices will remain safe.

Appliances at Risk of Damage During a Power Surge

  • Washing machines
  • Driers
  • Computers
  • Air conditioners
  • Refrigerators

Avoids Internal Damage

Although many people assume power surges only occur during lightning storms, power surges often happen due to internal activity in your home’s wiring. For example, you may experience power surges if your electrical has faulty wiring and experiences a circuit shortage.

Electronic devices that commonly turn on and off and use high amounts of power also create internal surges. Air conditioners, fridges, and washing machines are a few of the most common sources of internal damage.

House Fire Prevention

One of the most significant benefits of whole-house surge protection is fire hazard prevention. When surges cause your electrical wiring to fry, your home faces a fire hazard. These house fires put your family’s safety at risk. Whole-house surge protection prevents large external voltages from entering your home circuits entirely.

There’s no way to stop blackouts, brownouts, or power surges entirely. However, homeowners can invest in whole-house surge protection for peace of mind. If your home needs electrical services for whole-house surge protection, our Clinton Electric team in Baltimore is here to help. For more information, browse our website.