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You probably don’t think about your electrical system often unless something goes wrong. This is why you should hire an electrician to check your electrical system. If you’ve never had an assessment before, this is what homeowners should expect from an electrical inspection.

What Is an Electrical Inspection?

Do you need a thorough examination of your entire electrical system? Then you require an electrical home inspection. When they examine your home, all electricians operate under NEC, National Electrical Code. This code defines the parameters for standards across the United States.

What To Expect During the Inspection

So, what should homeowners expect from an electrical inspection? There are things all electricians will check when performing an electrical inspection. An assessment typically includes the following:

  • Wall and switch outlet condition and operation
  • Electrocution or shock hazards
  • Check for safety and security of lighting
  • Confirmation of grounding systems
  • Verifying that AFCIs are operating correctly
  • Use of proper lightbulb wattage
  • Test the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Examine all outdoor electrical systems
  • Electrical panel inspection for adequate operation, amps, and labels
  • A report detailing all areas of attention concerning the electrical system of your home

Why Schedule an Inspection?

There are particular times when homeowners need an electrical inspection. These times include when you’re purchasing a home, when you’re adding an appliance, when your home is undergoing a major renovation, and when your home turns 40.

Benefits of an Electrical Home Inspection

An electrical home inspection provides excellent peace of mind for homeowners. It also provides safety for your home and everyone who steps foot into it. Other benefits are:

  • Finding common electrical mistakes made by DIY homeowners and contractors
  • Identifying oversized breakers or fuses that could eventually lead to fire
  • Spotting outdated wiring like knob-and-tube or aluminum
  • Ensuring that the electrical components in your home operate safely
  • Helping you find ways to save energy and reduce cost
  • Meeting the requirements of the insurance risk assessment

Clinton Electric provides the best Baltimore area electrical inspection around, as well as in an additional five counties. At Clinton Electric, we also perform a 10-point visual inspection on every service call. Plus, Safety and Savings Plan members receive a complimentary whole-house electrical inspection every year as part of the program. Contact Clinton Electric today if you’re buying, selling, or gearing up for a home renovation!